Announcement: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and new Counter-Strike: Source prizes!

We are happy to announce that LANcouver 2012 will be the site of one of the first Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments to be held at a LAN event with open entry! This tournament was made possible by prize support from Thermaltake’s Ttesports division. The winning team will get a Ttesports prize pack valued at almost $200 each! Other prizes for CS:GO will be announced in the coming days. For Source, we’ve got a whole new range of prizes. Read on to find out!

NCIX has provided a great 1st place prize pack valued at $300 per player for the top performing team at LANcouver 2012. The details of this prize pack will be announced soon. Second place prizes for CS:S come courtesy of Roccat – makers of fine gaming peripherals. Roccat stuff will be on display at NCIX’s booth throughout the weekend, so you can check out the gear that top players use around the world. Roccat may not be a well known name in Canada, but they’ve been very sought after in Europe for several years. NCIX will be carrying the full line of Roccat products soon!

CS:S 2nd Place Roccat prize gallery

Each 2nd place team member will get:
ARVO keyboard
SAVU mouse
KULO headset
SOTA mousepad
– Roccat t-shirt and hat

If you plan on participating in CS:S and CS:GO we have you covered – you can play in both and not miss a single game! Additionally, CS:GO takes place after hours, which means that players from StarCraft II and League of Legends can form teams or join an existing one to take part in the CS:GO action. We are happy to make this announcement, since we know some players were looking forward to taking part in multiple events at LANcouver 2012.

Please make sure your team is signed up on the CS:S and CS:GO registration page (the form is the same for both games). You can choose to register for both tournaments, or just CS:S or GO.

Need a CS:GO key? Register your team today and make sure one team member has purchased a pass – we will send you enough keys for your team. If you plan on playing in a pick-up team at the event, buy your pass and let us know that you need a CS:GO key. Paying at the door? Email us and we will see what we can do for you!

We’ve got more great announcements coming in the next few days. If you haven’t already purchased your 3-day pass you can save $10 right now by clicking here! remember that buying a pass also gets you an entry in to the NCIX Sweepstakes, the only way to win a sweet ASUS 3D monitor courtesy of NCIX!