LANcouver University – Curriculum Unveiled!

Our friends at Futurelooks have cooked up some amazing things for you to do at LANcouver outside of gaming. For the first time ever, a LAN event in BC will host panels, gameplay analysis, and seminars!

But before we go in to details, check out the Futurelooks preview of everything that LANcouver has to offer.

You can only participate if you come to LANcouver – buy your 3-Day BYOC or Spectator pass now!

Read on to find out more about LANcouver University!

Ever wondered how veteran PC builders get the most out of their systems? Have trouble staying awake at LAN parties? Need to ask a really specific question about hardware? We’ve got you covered! We’re hosting workshops, panels and seminars to help you find your way in the world of extreme gaming and hardware.

All panels are open to spectators and BYOC participants.

FRIDAY 5:30PM – Strategies for a Successful LAN Party 101
Sit in with this panel of expert gamers and LAN party veterans including Kevin Doan from CyberGaming, Brian Lau from NCIX’s Gaming Team, and Futurelooks’ very own Eric Garay for a walk through of all the things you’ll want to do to have the best LAN ever. It’ll also be your very first opportunity to get a taste of the massive pile of prizes that LANcouver has to offer this year so make sure you get your system setup quickly and head straight to the seminar.

SATURDAY 10:00AM – Computer Hardware for PC Gaming 101
Our next panel which will take you through everything you need to know to get the most from your gaming rig. We’ll go all the way through from case selection, to overclocking, in a fully interactive Q and A style format with the biggest names in computing including JJ Guerrero from ASUS, Steve Sung from NVIDIA, Ivan “Crazy Russian” Metelitsa from NCIX’s System Design Team, and William Au from Antec. Make sure you’re one of the first 40 people there with a BYOC pass!

SATURDAY 11:15AM – LAB Session – PC Building Demonstration
We can tell you all day long that building a system from scratch is easy but you’ll never get it unless we show you. Immediately following the PC hardware panel, ANTEC will challenge two of your fellow LAN gamers to rebuild their old system into a shiny new ANTEC case. Paired into teams with their choice of a coach from the panel, or even their best friend, each of them will attempt to complete the task within a generous but strict time limit. After being scrutinized out loud by two judges one of these volunteers will walk away with some fabulous prizes and the case too.

SUNDAY 1:00PM – LAB Session – Starcraft II Gameplay Analysis and Advanced Strategies
Since Starcraft II is clearly the star of this year’s LANcouver, you’re going to bear witness to some of the most intense matches ever. That’s why we’ve invited Professor Sam “FireZerg” Prowse of Cyber Gaming and Gosu Coaching, to give you a detailed analysis of some of the most memorable matches from the Starcraft II Tournament at LANcouver this year. He’ll answer your questions and go through strategies that should increase your chances of reaching the podium.