Tournaments: StarCraft II Map Pool Revealed

Edit: To comply with Blizzard WCS format we have changed the map pool slightly – see below

Today we’re revealing the official map pool for SC2 at LANcouver 2012! We are also releasing information about which rounds will play which map, meaning that you can start training right away. Both brackets (Champions and Consolation) will play the same maps during each level of the bracket (R32, R16, etc).

We’ve already sold 50 LANcouver passes, and we expect a lot more to be sold before the event hits this Canada Day long weekend. To guarantee entry and a spot in the SC2 tournament, you can pre-pay online now and register for the tournament in advance. Pre-paying not only guarantees you entry, but also enters you in to awesome prizes draws sponsored by NCIX and some of our other sponsors!

Remember that you can get $10 off your pass when you use the code “NCIX” at checkout on our registration page.

Here’s the official map pool:

WCS Daybreak LE
WCS Ohana LE
WCS Tal’darim Altar LE
WCS Entombed Valley
WCS Antiga Shipyard
WCS Cloud Kingdom LE
WCS Shakuras Plateau

Round 1 – Open Pool Play: WCS Daybreak LE

Round 2 – Power Pool Play: WCS Ohana LE

Round 3 – Bracket Play:

R64 – If applicable – WCS Daybreak LE
R32 – WCS Daybreak LE
R16 – WCS Ohana LE
R8 – WCS Entombed Valley

Quarter-Final – WCS Tal’darim Altar LE

Semi-Final – WCS Ohana LE

Final – WCS Daybreak LE

Click here for the Official tournament page for SC2 at LANcouver 2012