Prize Announcement For League of Legends Tournament

We’ve just announced an amazing prize package that the first place League of Legends team will take home at LANcouver! This amazing duo of ASUS devices totals almost $500 per player! You can only win if you come to LANcouver, and we think this mega offering of prizes for LoL will encourage more than a few teams to make the trip to LANcouver.

First up is the ASUS Vulcan ANC Pro Gaming Headset. ASUS really pulled out all the Read more

It’s the NCIX Sweepstakes for LANcouver 2012!

We’re very happy to announce that NCIX is our official retail partner. But what’s even better is the awesome sweepstakes we’re running in anticipation of LANcouver 2012! Between now and June 29, you can win one of three awesome prize packs just by purchasing your 3-day BYOC pass!

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Announcement: Counter-Strike and League of Legends tournament details

Much like our StarCraft II tournament, both of these extremely popular games will get better treatment at LANcouver this year. We’ve crafted tournament rules and formats for CS:S and LoL with the help of some very smart community members!

We have also just launched sign up forms for all three eSports tournaments. You can register and make sure that your spot is saved for yourself or your team by having at least one paying member Read more

Announcement: StarCraft II 1v1 Tournament Prizes

We are pleased to announce the prizes for 1st and 2nd place in our StarCraft II 1v1 tournament. ASUS, presenting sponsor of LANcouver 2012, is providing an amazingly equipped 17″ gaming notebook to the grand champion of this year’s SC2 tournament.

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More for your money: All about ticket prices

It’s something we spend a lot of time figuring out every year: how much to charge for a ticket to LANcouver. In this post, we will be exploring and explaining the budget of a LAN, how ticket prices can go up or down, and what kind of value attendees can get for their money. Read more

Announcement: StarCraft II Tournament Details

Earlier today we officially announced StarCraft II tournament details. This is an important event for everyone involved, and we wanted to make sure that we addressed some of the issues from previous events. Thanks to your input, as well as contributions from some of the top SC2 tournament organizers and players in the region, we’ve come up with a format that Read more