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Spectators and Visitors:

Click here to pre-register as a spectator to avoid delays at the door!

Spectating will be FREE for LANcouver 2013. After signing in at the door you will be able to access the entire public area of the event, and can watch live matches and panels on the big screen stage, or hang out with our sponsors and try out the latest in hardware and gear! If you are spectating and would like to spend time in the BYOC area you must have a BYOC pass holder’s permission – no members of the public are permitted to roam the BYOC area without being associated with a pass-holding participant, and you must purchase a BYOC pass to be able to play games on a BYOC computer.P

Premium Spectator passes are now available! Premium Spectators will get a LANcouver souvenir t-shirt as well as entry in to the BYOC-only raffles, and can participate in special events (but may not participate in any BYOC tournaments or gaming events). As a Premium pass holder you’ll also get access to reserved seating in the stage area!

Your BYOC Pass:

PLEASE NOTE: Passes are currently sold out, but please check this page in case we release any tickets!

Includes one BYOC seat with 4 feet of table space, 8 amps of power and one wired network port (bring your own power bar and 25′ network cable please) along with entry in to as many tournaments as you like (such as League of Legends or StarCraft II). BYOC pass holders are also able to participate in special events (like the Keyboard Toss) and are entered in to special raffles. If you want to use a BYOC computer for any tournaments you must purchase a BYOC pass, even if it is not your computer. Spectators may not play on BYOC computers at any time without upgrading to a BYOC pass.

Payment & Purchasing:

We are able to accept credit cards and bank transfers through PayPal. You will need to fill out some important information when you purchase your ticket online, so make sure everything is accurate. We collect this information to speed up entry to the event as well as tournament organization. We’ll also sign you up for the NCIX newsletter so that you get the best deals on PC hardware delivered right to your inbox.

Cash, debit and credit card are accepted for tickets purchased at the door (including premium spectator passes) but may not be available if the event sells out through pre-sales.

A few notes about LANcouver passes:
- Single-day BYOC passes are not available
- Passes are non-refundable
- The 3-day pass gets you entry to the event, one BYOC spot, and entry in to any of the tournaments
- Passes are transferable up to 48h before the event (Note: we are waiving the “non-transferrable” condition on our ticket purchase page due to the event selling out)
- Entry is subject to parental consent if you are under the age of 18
Click here to download a parental consent form and Q&A for parents

Group Sales:

This year we are introducing self-guided group registration. Simply create a group when you purchase your ticket, or join one that your friends or team have already created. LANcouver staff will ensure that all teams/groups are seated together at the event. Please note that in order to accommodate all groups, you may not be able to pick your own group spot within the venue.