Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


ATTENTION: Due to the cancellation of the BYOC portion of LANcouver 2015, CS:GO will now be played online. Please see below for details. The CS:GO tournament is subject to change and requires 8 teams to proceed

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Counter Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most competitive FPS games in the world. LANcouver is happy to present a full CS:GO tournament for the third time. The tournament will take place ONLINE in early November, 2015.


Cash Prize Pool based on number of teams competing. Each player must hold a LANcouver pass or purchase a $60 buy-in for this tournament. The minimum cash prize pool is $2000 based on 8 teams of 5 players each. The cash prize pool will increase based on the number of teams participating. If 8 teams do not sign up and pay by October 16, all players will receive a refund.

FAQ – Read First!

Q: How long will the tournament take?
A: The current schedule will allow for the tournament to be completed in one day

Q: What pass do I need to enter the tournament? Can I spectate?
A: You must hold a LANcouver pass, or purchase a pass specifically for this tournament

Q: Do I need to be a certain age to enter?
A: No! LANcouver tournaments are open to players of all ages, and there are no restrictions for this online event

Q: Where will the Counter-Strike servers be located?
A: Servers will be hosted by EOReality in Los Angeles, CA.

Q: Will there be a cash buy-in or cash prize for the Counter-Strike tournament?
A: Yes: Your 3-day pass or $60 buy in per player goes towards the cash prize pool.

Q: How will ties, disputes, cheating and disconnects be handled?
A: Dedicated CS:GO tournament staff will take care of everything related to this tournament. Ties will be decided with overtime rounds using normal methods. Cheating and false accusations of cheating will be handled very seriously and could result in ejection from the event.


All teams must be formed, registered and fully paid by Friday October 16th.  Teams and players are allowed and encouraged to register online before the event.  Players who do not have a team will be randomly placed into teams that are short handed, or pick-up teams will be created.


Teams will consist of only five players. Alternates, coaches and backup players may only be substituted for whole matches, and no substitutions may occur once bracket play begins.  In the event that five players cannot be formed in to a team, LANcouver staff will appoint players to teams lacking five members.

Substitute players may be registered with one team and play for any team present at the event, but once a sub joins a match they cannot transfer to another team roster.


While this tournament is not sanctioned by any governing or ruling body, players are expected to act in a professional manner at all times.  Heckling, trolling, badgering, or threatening other players will not be tolerated and may result in removal from the tournament, and in some cases the LANcouver venue.  Tournament Admin and LANcouver Staff instructions are to be followed at all times.  Please refer to the LANcouver code of conduct for general LAN party rules and guidelines.

Team Check In

Teams can only check in and be placed into bracket play once they have a full five members at LANcouver with a working network connection.  Once all five players have a working connection please check in with the LANcouver Tournament Staff

Match Format

Rounds will be played using a pre-determined configuration file, with maximum rounds set to 15.  The first team to reach 16 round wins is considered the winner of the match.  In the event that both teams win 15 rounds, a standard overtime configuration will be executed and each team will play 3 rounds on each side, until one team receives 4 wins.


Standard Defend/Defuse maps will be used during this event.  Only maps from the following list will be considered eligible for selection by teams.  All teams will play the same maps during bracket play, as outlined in the tournament schedule.  The Finals round will be a single best of three series.  Maps for this Best of Three series are outlined in the schedule.

Eligible Maps: Current ESEA/ESL Map List


A standard double elimination bracket will be seeded randomly for all teams.  Each round of the bracket will consist of a single match on pre-determined maps.  In the interest of keeping on schedule, all teams will be required to begin their matches no later than 10 minutes from the designated start time.  Because of the large number of tournaments being hosted at LANcouver, special circumstances may require that we delay matches for participants.  This will be done at LANcouver staff discretion.

Finals will consist of a Best of Three Series.

Round 1 (Date/Time TBD)

Round 2 (Date/Time TBD)

Round 3 (Date/Time TBD)