League of Legends

Updated for 2015! Registration is now OPEN! Team members are required to purchase a 3-day BYOC pass to participate.

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Known for its fast paced gameplay and teamwork oriented battles, League of Legends is always a crowd favorite. Sporting 16 of the region’s best teams, LANcouver is proud to present League of Legends for 2015. Arranged into groups for pool play and then seeded into a single elimination bracket, teams will have to be on the top of their game throughout the event to take the top spot.

Spectators who are lucky enough to make it in person will have the chance to mingle with the players, swap summoner names, take pictures, and see everything go down right in the venue!

This event is being run by the SFU Collegiate Gaming Club


:: TBD ::
FAQ – Read First!

Q: How long will the tournament take?
A: See below for details – the entire tournament takes two days. There are lots of other fun things going on during the course of the weekend, and your pass gets you in to everything!

Q: Will there be enough seats for everyone?
A: Yes! LANcouver has a capacity of 200 BYOC participants with room for expansion if necessary. The League of Legends tournament has a hard cap of 16 teams. Any additional teams will be placed on a waiting list.

Q: What pass do I need to enter the tournament? Can I spectate?
A: You must purchase a 3-day pass to enter (the tournament takes place over the entire weekend). Spectator passes will be available at the door for $5/day or $10 for the weekend (SFU Students free).

Q: Will there be computers to play on, or can I share a computer with my friend?
A: No tournament computers will be provided, and you must bring your own computer to play in the tournament. You must purchase a BYOC pass even if you are borrowing another participant’s computer.

Q: Do I need to be a certain age to enter?
A: LANcouver tournaments are open to players of all skill levels and ages, but you need to attend with a parent or guardian over the age of 18 if you are under 18.

Q: I want to participate in one of the other main tournaments at LANcouver as well as this one. Can I?
A: Please check the tournament schedule to determine if you can participate in other events. Your pass gets you entry to any tournaments you are available to participate in. You may not be able to participate in every tournament.

Q: What kind of internet connection will be at LANcouver? Will I get disconnected?
A: We will have a dedicated ultra high-speed internet connection provided by SFU

Q: How will ties, disputes, cheating and disconnects be handled?
A: Dedicated tournament staff will take care of everything related to this tournament on a case-by-case basis.

Registration & General Info

On-Site team registration will begin immediately when the doors open (if spots are available). You may register your team and hold a spot in the tournament right now if at least one member has paid, and your team is signed up on the Team Registration page. Otherwise, see tournament staff when you arrive to get your team signed up. Please note that registration is on a first come/first served basis.


The limit is 16 teams for this event. Teams will consist of five players – a backup or coach is permitted as an alternate and may be substituted if necessary for the entirety of one match. Substituting during a match is not permitted. Once bracket play has begun, backup players may not be used unless approved by the tournament staff. Backup players must pay full LANcouver admission to be eligible for substitution and must have a computer available at the LAN

Ruling Body

While this tournament is not sanctioned by any governing or ruling body, players are expected to act in a professional manner at all times.  Heckling, trolling, badgering, or threatening other players will not be tolerated and may result in removal from the tournament, and in some cases the LANcouver venue.  Tournament Admin and LANcouver Staff instructions are to be followed at all times.  Please refer to the LANcouver code of conduct for general LAN party rules and guidelines.

Team Check-In

All teams must check in when all members are at the venue with a working connection to the LAN.  Teams are not allowed to check in for members who are not at the venue, and only complete teams with five players will be placed in to the pools or brackets.

General Rules

All matches will be created using custom feature. Matches will use Tournament Draft Setting. Team Captains with higher seed will create game lobby and decide if they want first pick/ban (blue side) or Last pick (purple side). In a Best of 3, the loser of each game will create the game lobby of game 2 (or 3) and will decide first pick/ban (blue side) or Last pick (purple side). The Live Realm (NA Server) will be used for all Matches and players will use their own accounts. Teams may delay the Match between Games pending approval of tournament referee/admin.

Round 1 – Pool Play

Teams will be randomly seeded in to four pools of four teams each, and will play a Round Robin with matches being best-of-one. The top two teams from each pool will move on to bracket play.

Time: Friday TBD
Format: Round Robin, best-of-one, Summoner’s Rift

Round 2 & 3 – Bracket Play

Teams will be seeded in the following fashion based on the results of the Pool Play:

Bracket play will be best-of-three, single elimination, and the loser of each game will create the game lobby of game 2 (or 3) and will decide first pick/ban (blue side) or last pick (purple side). The bracket play will be split in to two rounds in order to allow for food/special event breaks during the day. All other tournament rules will remain the same as pool play.

Time: Saturday TBD
Format: Single-elimination bracket, best-of-three, Summoner’s Rift


Finals will be played on Sunday and will include the 3rd place match if not already completed. All rules from bracket play remain the same.

Time: Saturday or Sunday TBD (based on tournament progress)
Format: Best-of-three, Summoner’s Rift