Announcement: Counter-Strike and League of Legends tournament details

Much like our StarCraft II tournament, both of these extremely popular games will get better treatment at LANcouver this year. We’ve crafted tournament rules and formats for CS:S and LoL with the help of some very smart community members!

We have also just launched sign up forms for all three eSports tournaments. You can register and make sure that your spot is saved for yourself or your team by having at least one paying member (in the case of SC2, you’ll need to be paid up to truly reserve your spot). We will also be taking registrations at the event. Of course, the best way to get in to LANcouver is to pre-buy your ticket and register for the game of your choice – we expect things to be busy as soon as the doors open, and doing both of these things will mean you get to skip lines and start your matches faster.

Next week we will announce another format for League of Legends players. Raise Your Weapon, our partners for LoL, have created a format they like to call “Judgment” – and we’re pretty excited for it! 40 players (no teams!) are randomly spread in to new teams and play against each other in a quick, fun tournament for some neat prizes. This format has been tested at various events in recent weeks to great success, and is more accessible to casual players or players without a team that can fully attend a LAN.

We have yet to announce major prizes for League of Legends but we can assure you they will be worth the trip to LANcouver this year. Stay tuned for that announcement after June 1st!