Announcement: StarCraft II Tournament Details

Earlier today we officially announced StarCraft II tournament details. This is an important event for everyone involved, and we wanted to make sure that we addressed some of the issues from previous events. Thanks to your input, as well as contributions from some of the top SC2 tournament organizers and players in the region, we’ve come up with a format that ensures fairness for all competitors regardless of ranking, and more importantly that the tournament completes on time.

In past events such as LANcouver 2011 and Gotta-Con 2012, the SC2 tournaments went on longer than we had planned for. To reduce the time involved (remember, we have two other big tournaments to get through at LANcouver 2012!) all round-robin and consolation bracket matches will be best-of-one. Players who move on to the Champs bracket will be playing a single-elimination best-of-three match in each head to head battle to the top.

But don’t let best-of-one scare you: this format means that each participant will get to play at least 15 matches until they are eliminated from the tournament, ensuring that everyone gets a fair chance to prove themselves. We will also be enforcing the BYOC requirement that you have your own computer to play on for the entire event. Sharing a computer means that you and the person you are sharing with may not be able to play at the same time, and slows down the entire event for everyone.

If you are planning on attending as a spectator, we have awesome news for you! eSports Collective will be casting SC2 throughout the weekend on our main stage and out to the internet on Three grandstand bleachers will be provided so that everyone gets a clear view of the action on our 12-foot-wide projector screen and dual 55″ TVs. All of this is rounded out by a high-power sound system and quality microphones for our casters.

Finally, we will be holding something unique to LANcouver among LAN events in Western Canada – seminars. Look for Sam “FireZerg” Prowse as he and other top SC2 coaches and players analyze matches from LANcouver at Sunday afternoon’s StarCraft II Panel.

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