More for your money: All about ticket prices

It’s something we spend a lot of time figuring out every year: how much to charge for a ticket to LANcouver. In this post, we will be exploring and explaining the budget of a LAN, how ticket prices can go up or down, and what kind of value attendees can get for their money.

Many years ago LANcouver only cost $20. In those days we had support from local community centres who would handle everything from tables and chairs to volunteers helping out at the event. Today we’re more independent, and the reason for that is growth – a community centre can’t handle the requirements of a large LAN party. But along with growth comes greater costs, and with that the price of tickets has to increase.

The budget for an event like LANcouver is well over $10,000. In addition to the venue rental (which includes paying venue staff to be there overnight and on a holiday) we also have to consider tables & chairs, stages, power equipment, lights, networking equipment, insurance, expendables like passes and wristbands, transport trucks, gas and much more. We can’t remember how many times people have told us “if you charge X dollars and get X people, that’s a ton of money you must be making!” In fact, many people on the LANcouver staff are volunteering over 100 hours to help make LANcouver a success this year, and nobody will make money off of the event for years to come.

How can ticket prices be reduced? By coming to LANcouver! With the support of the gaming community at large, events like LANcouver can show that the region is serious about live events. When sponsors see participation and enthusiasm from attendees, they want to contribute more to the event. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved – it means more prizes and more money towards the budget, which means reduced ticket prices in following years.

This year LANcouver is $55 (less if you use the coupon code save2012 at checkout!) – which is only a few dollars more than last year. Compared to the 2011 event we are changing most things about how LANcouver is operated. Here are just a few improvements over LANcouver 2011:

– Improved internet access! Shaw is providing over 1000Mbps of high-quality EXO bandwidth (including a separate backup connection)
– Better ticket registration system with instant check-in (skip long lines at the door!)
– A newer, cleaner venue: the Richmond Olympic Oval (also easier to find!)
– Main stage with dedicated casting area, projectors and bleachers
– Special rest area inside the venue where you can recharge
Hotel deals close to the venue
– Gaming panels and sponsor seminars
– Dedicated tournament staff for each main event
– Better cafeteria with more food choices
– Cheap 3-day spectator pass – $10 for the whole weekend!

For less than $20/day LANcouver provides some of the best value in live gaming events. But don’t take our word for it – come and experience everything we have to offer!