Prize Announcement For League of Legends Tournament

We’ve just announced an amazing prize package that the first place League of Legends team will take home at LANcouver! This amazing duo of ASUS devices totals almost $500 per player! You can only win if you come to LANcouver, and we think this mega offering of prizes for LoL will encourage more than a few teams to make the trip to LANcouver.

First up is the ASUS Vulcan ANC Pro Gaming Headset. ASUS really pulled out all the stops making this one – anyone who is a fan of Xonar audio cards knows that ASUS really cares about audio! Check out what Linus had to say about the Vulcan ANC Headset during his unboxing:

The other prize is the ASUS VE258Q 25″ LED-backlit monitor. This amazing model has full HD resolution, built-in speakers, super high contrast ratio, DisplayPort and HDMI inputs, and so much more.

We’re really excited that ASUS has contributed these two amazing products to LANcouver. Look for more prize announcements in the 2nd and 3rd place categories for League of Legends soon! Remember that you can win prizes in advance of LANcouver just by purchasing a pass. Use discount code “NCIX” to save $10!